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"Jenny Bliss is one of the best and most inspiring musicians I have ever come across.

Beauty just pours out of every instrument she touches"    

Gilad Atzmon

"It was Bliss Bennett who stole the show, with her pitch-perfect, superb projection whether on viola da gamba, violin or flute." 

Sarah Chaplin, Jazz News

"a 5 star is her language" 

The Hague Conservatory

"the viola da gamba of  Jenny Bliss Bennett creates a subtle sense of exotic otherworldliness" 

Mojo Magazine


Sean Rafferty BBC Radio 3 


Nigel Kennedy

"She seems to have invented an entirely new genre somewhere between Steve Reich, Bjork and Vivaldi with the ephemeral dark-whimsy of Elizabeth Fraser. We need a new word for unique"

Sarah Gillespie

"Jenny Bliss Bennett's viola da gamba puts a fresh aural spin on Jazz standards such as Billie Holidays 'Don't Explain' "

John Patrick, Progression (the journal of progressive music)

"Jenny Bennett, an acclaimed virtuoso, plies the viola da gamba, violin, and flute (as well as occasional vocals), all standing out.."

Veritas Vampirus

"The piece allowed Bliss Bennett to demonstrate her virtuosity on violin as she soared above Yaron Stavi’s deeply resonant arco bass drone."


"..with Jennifer delivering a passionate, soulful and intelligent interpretation of these fascinating works ( Biber's violin sonatas)... great sensitivity, warmth and vigour combined with a dash of quirkiness.. compelling to watch"
Jane Cockcroft, Handel House Museum

"Excellent " .. "highly recommended" Time Out, London

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